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Favorite Python Packages 01 – Making a chatbot I had to write a logging handler for work that pushed errors up to HipChat. Turns out the process was so easy, I could not resist adding a chat-handler to ProsperCommon esp given my hacky email handler. I also skipped Slack for now because the tweetfleet server blows past the 10k message buffer on a daily basis. So, let’s cook up a chatbot! Discord’s API offerings are dizzying; this should be easy! This library has exceptional API coverage and is easy to use. My one gripe is the documentation. Docs are sparse in places, but I’ll forgive that sin with their example code and an active community on the Discord API Guild.

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HEAVY currents and recurrents. Libraries Voice-over Imaging Jingles Programming. There’s someone out there… [more]. Latest Members Join the community. Hot FM Listening since: Can’t read the text above? June 12, By R Dub! You have the flexibility to air the show whenever you want…no restrictions to specific time slots. Sunday Night Slow Jams:

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european research programs research • emship • fp6 – improve: • era-net manunet easyship • fp7 – moveit! • fp7 – adam4eve • innovative danube vessel • issc (international ship and offshore structures congress) • ro-waterborne • ecmar.

I have been thinking of Multicapsule Ships recent days and I feel that it is time to improve the concept further. There are some things that need to be addressed right away. Like – what was I thinking!? Maybe I assumed that the MS crew will play 20 hours a day, every day? EVE takes a big and prominent part of our lives, but we got other things in our life that we got to take care of and they are, or should be, of greater importance in general.

Family, kids, income – all the things that are interconnected to our lives and keep us going, needs no explanation. Everyone manages their time differently and will not always be able to be in fleet, managing the MS, far away from any station, out in the deep of Uncharted Space.

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Establishing a Hauler Alt Character Eve University students can make a good income as haulers, even during wartime, by setting up a hauler alt character outside of the corporation. Amarr Bestower You can establish a hauler alt of any race, as described well in this guide: Creating an Alt Hauler. However, if you set up an alt character for hauling, consider making them Amarr, as they use a very attractive industrial ship, the Bestower , that requires a low level of skills, as follows: Eventually, with maxed out skills, 4 Expanded Cargohold II mods, and 3 Cargo Optimization rigs, the Bestower will carry a whopping 24, In short, with an Amarr hauler alt, you can get started quickly, and eventually end up with a very well equipped industrial ship.

Discover the Value of EVE-Central The economic system in EVE is highly dynamic, driven in large part but not all by players, and the resulting supply and demand of goods. This results in disparities in buying and selling prices, resulting in the opportunity for trade routes, where haulers can buy at a low price in one location and then fulfill demand at a higher price in another. EVE-Central aggregates market data from players all over New Eden giving you a reasonably up-to-date look at the markets all over the universe at a glance.

The process outlined below will show you how to effectively use this website to your financial advantage. Using this tool, even a starting hauler with minimal skills and capital can routinely earn K ISK or more per trade run in high-sec space with virtually no risk.

Using EVE-Central to haul profitably

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After getting repeated requests from players, the latest one from , I’ve finally gotten to dumping this data into a file. It was then quickly cleared for release by CCP Falcon and uploaded to our CDN by CCP Avalon.

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