‘Orange Is The New Black’ Writer Divorces Husband & Begins Dating Samira Wiley (aka Poussey)

I think every year takes a new turn, but this one specifically because of all of the damage that happened in season five. These girls are finding new homes and with new homes is new faces, new inmates, new guards and finding your family, finding your tribe. You have to start all over again while still trying to hold on to your tribe, while still trying to keep together this community of Litchfield in a new environment. I think the fans will feel somewhat satisfied, and I think the writers were really inventive this season. Where is Taystee emotionally at the start of the season? Everyone has left her world, and so we see her trying to fight depression, trying to fight her will to give up. She realizes that some people really are in it for themselves.

Samira Wiley reveals how she fell in love with wife Lauren Morelli

Go back to our recap of episode This excruciating scene probably had to happen. The guards are out of control, the prisoners pushing back. Someone was going to get hurt. How each Orange is the New Black inmate ended up in prison 2. This was a surprise as the episode was directed by one of the great voices of modern TV, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.

Is ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Samira ‘Poussey’ Wiley Dating One of The Show’s Writers? [Photos] Spread the love. One thing we loved about the new season of Orange is the New Black is that we really got into the backstories of some of our favorite characters — one of whom is ‘Poussey.

Piper dating poussey Who Is Lauren Morelli? Always looking for ways to inform on important issues–or share her love of nerdy and girly things—Sonya thoroughly enjoys writing about a wide range of subjects. Before Piper got engaged, they were in a years-long relationship. The world knew that Halle Berry was planning to piper dating poussey French actor Olivier Martinez as of March piper dating poussey when Martinez himself let the news slip — but Berry didn’t talk about it piper dating poussey weeks later.

The pop superstar wed Rene Elizondo, Jr. After quietly getting engaged in the summer ofWinslet and Ned Rocknroll had a super-private wedding in New York in early December — and the rest of piper dating poussey world piper dating poussey none the wiser until the end of the month. Janet Jackson just isn’t one to marry and tell.

She eventually came out piper dating poussey friends and coworkers and ended her first marriage. Sign up now for the Us Weekly newsletter to get breaking celebrity news, hot pics and more delivered straight to your inbox. While friends and family thought they were attending an engagement party for Rimes and actor Eddie Cibrian that April, they were actually attending their wedding. Here are just a few examples of Lauren and Samira being absolutely adorable:.

The world knew that Halle Berry was planning to marry French actor Olivier Martinez as of March — when Martinez himself let the news slip — but Berry didn’t talk about it until weeks later. In DecemberGwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin happily shared their baby newsbut tried to keep their status as newlyweds a secret.

The women of Orange Is The New Black in real life

Image Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli step out together0: Morelli began dating Wiley in , soon after splitting from her husband of two years, Steve Basilone, after realising she was a lesbian while writing for OINTB. A post shared by Samira Wiley whododatlikedat on Oct 4, at 9:

Sep 14,  · Orange Is The New Black Samira Wiley Lauren Morelli Orange Is The New Black Writer Dating Poussey Samira Wiley Oitnb Writer Orange Is The New Black ‘Orange Is .

The inmates try to stay away from Suzanne because she is known to get overly attached to people who merely interact with her with a small friendly gesture. Crazy eyes gets frustrated very easily and tends to hit herself and call herself stupid. Uzo Aduba is actually short for Uzoamaka Nwanneka Aduba, while she was born in Boston, her parents are from Nigeria and were of Igbo origin. Uzo has starred in many plays over the years including her most recent performance in in the show The Maids.

Once she is let out of prison after finishing her time she deliberately goes against her probation in order to make her way back to prison since she cannot deal with the demanding life outside of prison. Daya becomes pregnant at the beginning of the show and tries to conceal it from her fellow inmates. Once Daya gives birth, the baby is taken into child protected services since Daya has about 35 months left in prison. Dascha Polanco — in real life Dascha Polanco is 35 year old Dominican actress who caught her big break when she was cast on the show Orange is the New Black.

White Inmates

Donna became the girlfriend and next-door neighbor of Eric Forman Topher Grace. Randy Pearson Josh Meyers , who was introduced in the eighth and final season of the series, became Donna’s third love interest after Grace left the series. Prepon attended film school while she worked on That 70’s Show.

Look, as far as our annual Orange Is the New Black official sex scenes ranking system goes, this season was a tough one. Following last season’s prison riot that—for the most part—made for a.

The real concern is Lolly, who is looking for wax paper for her DIY time machine in the prison laundry room Crazy Eyes told her she was using too much tin foil. When Coates questions Piscatella, he is sent out to the garden to guard the creepy crime scene. In other grudging work assignments, Luschek is sent to guard Judy King. Tensions run high as the inmates called in for questioning wait to be interrogated by Piscatella.

Crazy Eyes, cautioned by Taystee to give Kakudio some space after her broom closet stunt, refuses to talk to her. Red plays dumb when Piscatella calls her in. Nicky is unable to get drugs. Humphrey orders Kasey to fight Crazy Eyes but she declines. Still smarting from her latest rejection, Kakudio volunteers. Elsewhere, Healy, who has been wandering around town and sampling frozen yogurt, continues to ignore calls from Litchfield.

He ends up on a beach, where he calls Katya, his estranged mail-order wife. He leaves her an apologetic voicemail, explaining that he has tried really hard to be good at his job, but things only seem to get worse.

Samira Wiley Is Engaged To Her ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Show Writer Girlfriend Lauren Morelli

By Preston Max Allen prestonmaxallen September 14 6: However, it turns out the real love story wasn’t on screen but behind-the-scenes, and OITNB writer Lauren Morelli and Poussey actress Samira Wiley are officially our new favorite couple in the entertainment industry. I’d loved writing it, loved watching a tenderness emerge in their relationship where passion always seemed to be the ruling principle, but by that time, I was so deep in my own self-doubt that I constantly felt like a fraud.

Samira Wiley, who played the beloved Poussey on Orange Is The New Black, is engaged to her girlfriend Lauren Morelli, a writer on the show.

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The rules are simple: Take a look, and let us know what your favorites have been in the comments. It plays out like a double-edged origin story of two brothers, with John Rayburn Kyle Chandler as the law-enforcing pillar of the community on one end, and his older brother Danny Ben Mendelsohn as the returned not-so-prodigal son who disturbs the peace on the other.

It makes indelible use of an electric ensemble cast, feeding off the chemistry that percolates between all six members of the Rayburn clan; with Mendelsohn and Chandler leading the charge in spectacular fashion, and Linda Cardellini, Sam Shepard, Sissy Spacek and Norbert Leo Butz never too far behind.


Four seasons in, and Orange Is The New Black continues to be an exciting and powerful series that does what few shows can, finding that difficult balance between humor and drama. Critic Matt Brennan, who covers the show with episodic reviews at Paste, recently pulled on Albert Camus to delve into the complexities of the series, and I have written about the unique brand of diversity the show supports and the overall importance of seeing these phenomenal women the actors, and the characters they play on TV.

So when I started seeing headlines declaring that the show had made some questionable decisions, that it had failed its black audience in some way, I admit to being a bit incredulous.

Real life partners of Orange Is The New Black: Meet the real couples of OITNB ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, whose sixth season has just been released on Netflix, has been the place where a number of.

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Orange Is the New Black star Samira Wiley weds Lauren Morelli

Facebook 1, , Fans Coming out is hard on any celeb, especially several years ago. While it is becoming more accepted today, it has been so hard in the past that many celebs chose to marry the opposite sex as a cover. Take a look at some of the celebs who married the opposite sex in order to hide their sexuality — some were even trying to hide it from themselves.

Lauren Morelli is a 36 year old American Writer. Born on 22nd July, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, she is famous for Orange is The New Black. Born on 22nd July, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, she is famous for Orange is The New Black.

June 8, Summary: There’s an even darker and more tragic tint to the ongoing stories of the women of Litchfield in season 5 of Orange is the New Black, but the mix of humor and ample heart is as masterful and empowering as it’s ever been. More Details Five episodes were provided prior to broadcast. The show was bold, brave, and boisterous to the extent that it was easy to wonder if anyone behind the scenes ever worried about crossing a line or going too far with its trenchant storylines.

In both of their spotlighted roles, Polanco and Brooks are marvellous to watch, showing an immense amount of insecurity and fear within carapaces of iron-clad strength that years in Litchfield have grown. Comic relief Crazy Eyes Uzo Aduba takes a slight back seat early in the season, but the Odd Couple shenanigans of Big Boo Lea DeLaria and Pennsatucky Taryn Manning are as on point as ever, and the slow societal degradation of the prison takes on darkly comic aspects the more season 5 trucks along, particularly in what the inmates decide to do with their former captors.

Not one of the characters repeats a reference because there are enough mass shootings to go around. Characters are who they are with no need for intense preamble or justification or fear or outside retribution, which is an interesting concept given the somewhat scary nature of prison.

OITNB Writer Is Now Dating Poussey After Divorcing Husband

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