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Battle Rating Calculation

Leave a comment Another weekend rolls on, which means another World of Tanks Special. I could be wrong, but it does feel a little higgledy-piggledy. The range of tanks is pretty good however, though there are no mediums or lights involved. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. Firstly, let us look at the tanks involved.

‘Tiger Tiger’ (Aftershock) Toppers ‘Season 7 – Tier 2’ Fixed an issue causing Orange team-specific Presets to incorrectly preload during matchmaking, causing them to appear late once the map loaded [Xbox One] Fixed a crash/performance issue.

State of War Robots: We added Leagues, Custom Games, new UI tech and new economy tools, 3 new maps, 5 new robots 8 if you count Wild Bunch , 2 new modes and many things of lesser calibre. We also learned a lot. How we should manage new releases, how we approach balance, how we communicate with you guys — these and many other lessons we aim to carry into the future. Lessons on communication are probably the biggest ones here. What we made in have opened up a way for many things that War Robots players wanted to have — and we wanted to make!

Here go the 5 key directions we are working this year. We’ll be dropping some concepts of robots and weapons from the future around. Don’t mind them, alright? Economy overhaul This year we introduced collecting Components system as a way to acquire new equipment. This concerned many players and led to lots of internal discussions on its future. In we are committed to streamline the item economy and expand the range of ways to acquire new toys to wreak havoc with.

First — more loot:

9.3 Tank Summary

Please would you consider a fairer way of matchmaking tier v tanks, tier vii tanks are just too advanced to even consider it being a joyful challenge any more. You might as well match make tier iii tanks with tier v tanks and see how well they fair! If your Churchill is bottom tier, your role may be to act as a meat shield for a higher tier friendly heavy with a better gun than you.

Aug 24,  · The two Asians from Photo 2 don’t seem to appear anywhere else. The brown girl in Photo 2 is definitely not from Photos 1 and 3. Apart from the possibility of a common brunette, it appears like Photo 4 is an entirely distinct group altogether.

These new prototypes were the start of the usage of the Schachtellaufwerk wheel arrangements, but these also never passed prototype stages and were both cancelled in During the development of the prototypes above, the German invasion of France showed that the Allied tanks such as the Somua, Char B1, and Matilda II were impervious to their current anti-tank weaponry and a need for better armoured and armed tanks were emphasized.

So on May 26, , Henschel and Porsche were asked to submit designs for a 45 ton heavy tank that was to be ready for demonstration by June During their development in June , Germany initiated Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union and was shocked by appearance of the T and KV-1 tanks that were invulnerable to all but the most potent anti-tank weapon in German inventory, one of which was the 88 mm FlaK cannon.

The potency of the 88 mm cannon against the heavily armoured tanks that the Germans faced had Hitler ordered that the heavy tank design undertaken by Henschel and Porsche to utilize the 88 mm as its main armament instead of a 75 mm cannon. The designs of the tank was finalized and ready for demonstration on April 20, , Hitler’s birthday, and showed the VK The demonstration and subsequent evaluations on the two designs determined that the Henschel variant was superior to the Porsche variant, proving more reliable, more mobile, and more easily produced than the Porsche.

This caused the Henschel variant to be adopted as the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger and production started in August The Porsche variant had many chassis produced as Ferdinand Porsche thought the design would win, so the chassis were instead used in the Ferdinand tank destroyer. Design What perhaps made the Tiger I so unique in tank development and German doctrine is a change of focus between the three characteristics of the tank; with more emphasis to firepower and armour than to mobility.

The Tiger I contained the large 88 mm KwK 36 cannon which was very accurate and powerful, being able to penetrate every Allied armour present at its introduction. The armour on the Tiger I was also one of the greatest at the time, with an astounding mm of armour on the front hull armour, 82 mm on the side superstructure and rear, and mm on the gun mantlet.

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Same as its predecessor, it has one of the best cannon on its tier, is very accurate and has large amount of HP. Unlike Tiger, King Tiger is very well-armored, both the tower and the hull, and its frontal plate is not placed vertically but at an angle, which further enhances its already impressive armor. This tank is a perfect sniper: Due to upgraded frontal armor it can fight in a close combat and lead the attacks on cities and among ruins.

In addition, despite the low maximum speed, King Tiger is surprisingly maneuverable, so can quite easily protect its sides and rear against medium tanks.

Alternative: Tie the preferential matchmaking to the researched (not equipped!) guns, as the gun is the most relevant module of a tank, losing pref mm if a certain gun is researched. This would punish those branches that have common radio, or even common engine or some mediocre common gun.

Discuss Updated As we head into the summer, we keep addressing our huge to-do list and bumping the most important topics to the top. Next in line is the preferential Premiums issue. A little over a year ago, World of Tanks upgraded to version 9. Since then, the tool has gone through several changes, until it reached a level of performance that met the expectations of both the community and the dev team. So, now that the game has proper team distribution, mismatches are a rare case. The new approach benefited everyone, apart from preferential Premium vehicles.

The coin has two sides. The first issue comes from the main feature of preferential Premiums—tier-range balance. But the new matchmaker struggles with these machines. It takes more time and computations for the tool to balance them properly, which extends queuing time. This is what happens next:

Perfecting Preferential Premiums

Hope this helps to find some quick matches. I often find myself without anyboby to play. While we are talking about this I wanna complain about something that’s been bothering me I have added many europeans and have tried to have matches with a lot of them. Many I have played with and had fun. But there are some that, even after numerous invitations, never gave signs of life.

is the Internet home for Bungie, the developer of Destiny, Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon, and the only place with official Bungie info straight from the developers.

Vehicles with preferential status are likely to get matched into dual or single-tier battles, where their status combined with combat parameters does more harm than good. All-around vehicle rebalances on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis to improve their statistics combined with matchmaker rule revision. The underlying problem for these vehicles is too many battles versus Tier X.

The matchmaker rules revision is designed to better the experience for them, too. All of this was done on the Supertest and we believe we got the desired result. In terms of combat effectiveness, these special Premium vehicles are now much closer to non-preferential matchmaking ones. The Iterations The following changes were available on the Supertest: We also wanted to make minor changes, however, and this is where your feedback is vital.

Now onto the more pressing issue for these vehicles: Next Steps After the release of 9. Yet, this system is not efficient for preferential matchmaking vehicles: So, what can be done? We cannot improve the current system without a full rework of the architecture, however, and this is planned for the future. We are actively disassembling the current matchmaker, making important changes, and then adding them to the new system.

Optimisation of Matchmaking Rules

This presents solid proof that choosing a propeller diameter and pitch that loads the engine to peak torque rpm is superior to loading it to peak horsepower rpm. The objective is to select a propeller with a diameter and pitch that loads the engine to or close to its peak torque and propels the model, in level flight, at the preselected speed. The procedure is different in each of the three engine groups I listed previously.

Group 1 Brake horsepower, torque curves, and rpm table available. Gas-powered engines are simple to run.

Hello everyone, is boring, noone cares about that. But – that’s something else. Since I get a lot of questions about the patch and usually it’s the same questions repeating themselves, here’s a summary of the facts we know about tanks in patch

The Tiger II has passable armor for a tier 8 heavy tank since almost the bulk of its armor is concentrated on the upper glacis and turret front. Other areas suffer from the armor being concentrated in two main locations as the other areas are relatively weak for a tier 8 heavy tank, especially on the sides and rear. Fortunately for the Tiger II it has decent gun depression allowing it to hide its lower glacis and making it difficult for many tier 8 and under tanks that it faces to penetrate it reliably.

This guide for World of Tanks Tiger II weak spots breaks down the Tiger II into many armor zones with different thicknesses and angles associated with them. The index at the bottom of each picture describes a few abbreviations used and also the format in which the armor details are described in. Effective Armor EA refers to the overall effectiveness of the armor without normalization. The main weak spots are the lower glacis and also the center of the commander cupola.

You simply need to avoid the few turret strong points and also shooting the track areas with no hull armor behind them.

Should the Panther mit 8,8 cm have premium matchmaking?

For experienced players damaging the Tiger P once you know its weak spots is a breeze since it is peppered with weak spots. The turret is also disappointing for Tiger P drivers since it mostly falls below mm effective armor. For Tiger P drivers your best bet is to try to stay pointing directly forward since angling will expose very weak side armor. Starting with the front hull you have a mm thick upper hull plate that is difficult to damage for most tanks under tier 9.

The angled cheek sections that flank this area are surprisingly weak at mm effective armor.

Dec 07,  · Although sad, the Tiger situation is not a surprise. Tiger and Elin were set up by friends but I doubt that Parnevik is a professional matchmaker.

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STILL THE KING – Tiger II (H) Gameplay – War Thunder Realistic Battle

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