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I haven’t done one of these for a while, and some very exciting books have been popping up, written by pals, cohorts, and a few authors I’m plain old fangirlish on. Hooray for a bounty of books! Hounded by Kevin Hearne This new release by fellow leaguer Kevin Hearne has been getting total rave reviews for awesomeness and hilarity He draws his power from the earth, possesses a sharp wit, and wields an even sharper magical sword known as Fragarach, the Answerer. Now the determined deity has tracked him down, and Atticus will need all his power—plus the help of a seductive goddess of death, his vampire and werewolf team of attorneys, a sexy bartender possessed by a Hindu witch, and some good old-fashioned luck of the Irish—to kick some Celtic arse and deliver himself from evil. I love the main character, as well as McLeod’s awesomely inventive version of a London that contains trolls, goblins, fae and more. I have to say also, McLeod really knows how to interestingly raise the stakes!

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Monica Friedman Welcome to my nightmare. I think Jean-Paul Sartre had something to say on this subject. What am I doing at this con?

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Chatroulette sex free adult Geek speed dating phoenix comicon mckayla maroney and sam mikulak dating Bobbi reported that Membership Director John Haas recently broke his leg! Club members brought a dish to share and there was plenty of food. Tim Ross reported that he is working on reconciling the year-end treasure’s report but Pay Pal and computers are making this task more difficult than it should be. Oddly enough, Disney movies were a common theme among the group, which is awesome, because I am well-versed in the old animated films.

There is nothing quite like being surrounded by cosplayers nervously asking questions of their possible suitor sitting across from them. Across the room, a gentleman dressed in a full Steampunk ensemble can ask Raven of Teen Titans what her favorite color is purple of course! Bob and Wendy Askin patented the Indy Miata popular back in December to cimcinnati if they were might to attend this event in your area. Looking for someone with a car lack that is cleanly to intended us Scott Away.

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You probably won’t like the new Star Wars roleplaying game if you: So, yeah, if you have problems with those things – move along – there is nothing here to see. If you can get over it, come jump down the rabbit hole with me. Edge of the Empire is a role playing game that stresses a narrative style of play and abstract combat resolution. While you can use minis in EotE – it doesn’t really matter.

The most honest guide to San Diego Comic-Con – badges, hotels, panels, events & celebrities.

She and Castle had been dating for a few months now but were still. Little did Esposito know that they were already dating. Castle and Kate on their first official date! Rated T, just to be. Castle and Beckett are together but are keeping their relationship a secret. Rick looks after her. Beckett’s strange dating raises concerns for some members of the 12th. She and Castle had been secretly dating for four months since she. It does not seem to be affecting the performance at the precinct.

Had Castle already dated one of Jenny’s cousins? How many were there?

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Thursday, July 14th, Everybody Wants Some!!: It describes how teenage boys, specifically those raised in Texas, take their first giant steps into manhood, demanding their independence from parental authority, while trading one nest for another, all to a soundtrack of whatever rock music was on the radio at the time. The focus in Everybody Wants Some!! The adult supervision is provided by a coach who briefly visits the house and warns them against dissipating their energy before realizing the glory of a team championship.

Linklater wants us to see in Jake the kid who conceivably could rise above the hijinks and carve a path for himself on or off the diamond. He succeeds in re-connecting with Beverly Zoey Deutch , the theater major who picked up on his quiet demeanor and may actually be as talented in her chosen discipline as he is in sports.

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If you live near a “Park and Ride” then park your car and hit the light rail. I live about an hour away from the nearest light rail drop-off. It was still worth it for the experience. But, I had a Homer Simpson “Doh! Check out the Valley Metro site for more information on riding the light-rail system. Wear a Backpack It seems like a waste of time, but trust me, you’ll need one. Not a purse or a shoulder bag. A backpack with big comfortable straps. They’re a great way to store your food and drinks see tip 5.

Handy for collecting the inevitable free “swag” and keep your hands free for everything you need to do. Plus, the shoulder straps make it easy on the back and shoulders.

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Photo by Phoenix Comicon. Cosplay is becoming more and more popular around the world and at conventions. After seeing a great panel about Cosplay Families at Rose City Comic Con a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk to parents and families who cosplay and spotlight them here on GeekDad!

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While that idea was eventually tossed out – after a significant outcry – a new complaint has risen like a phoenix sorry from the ashes: You may not think of Dick as a typical Con panelist; you may even have believed the Facebook death hoax a few years back. But he’s 91, very much alive and apparently willing to tolerate the burning hellfire that is Phoenix in early summer to meet his fans.

The announcement stirred up a lot of excitement until everyone found out that because PHXCC is “anticipating record interest,” they are treating the panel a bit differently. To attend, people must either: Sign up for a lottery for any unbought tickets.

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His previous graphic novel was on the all-time great pro wrestler, Andre the Giant. You can read my review here. You can learn more about it and play it for free at the official Tetris site right here. Essentially, the goal of the game is to arrange little blocks as they fall down your screen in the most efficient way possible.

You can also spy it in issues of her indie comic, Mystery Babylon, or on any of the prints, sketch cards, or posters that she sells. Jeff Pina It’s hard to miss the work of Jeff Pina, considering his style — which is influenced by both anime and super-deformed art — is both eye-catching and adorable. It’s been featured in any number of self-published titles he’s created for more than a decade now including Dr.

Artist and writer Raven Gregory center with his two sons. He tells personal stories, too. The thing we’re really interested in checking out, however, is his current work on Pugly, a crowd-sourced indie title that’s described as “a comic misadventure about a spoiled little pug’s journey toward becoming a ‘real dog. Theo “Teddy” Tso A self-taught artist, lifelong comics fan, and member of the Las Vegas Paiute, Theo Tso has been drawing superheroes since he was a kid.

After years of recreating the adventures of caped crusaders and super-powered beings, Tso came up with a hero of his own: Captain Paiute, the Indigenous Avenger of the Southwest. The character appeared in his own title in , which was published by Indigenous Narratives Collective, the Native American-centric comics collective co-founded by Tso. Bestselling YA author Aprilynne Pike.

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Plus, stump a trek fan, lady suspended to talking to her son who is off to war, Westburo responds to Anonymous, knife inside your head for four years, naked man stealing meat, lady just had a bad headache, man does the dumbest tattoo ever, Liam Neeson doing well, Mexican teen hunger strike, celeb rehab rocker in Utah, James Franco joined twitter, Plaid Stallions and MUCH MORE!

But not before we try and stump a trek nerd! Randy Jordan joins us for the first half of the show to give the Oscars what-for. The big winners, the hosts, the presenters, the funny bits, the terrible bits, and all about The King’s Peach. True Grit loses, but not because it wasn’t awesome. No more batman from Nolan after Rising.

Sadly, Cthulu isn’t going to listen to anything she has to say. Even if she gets a chance to consult with her alethiometer before the fight, all it’s going to do is say ‘Run away. Yes, Raistlin is a time-traveling, god-battling black robed wizard; Ender, on the other hand, has access to Dr. Assuming both contestants are fighting at their peak, Ender just sits back in his ‘simulator’ a few hundred light years away and orders the destruction of not just Raistlin, but all of Krynn. And then presumably feels really, really bad about it later and wishes there’d been another way.

Michelle March 9, I think Hermione has more power, but Jamie would just seduce her before her teenage brain caught up with the fact that the lovely pretty knight just stabbed her.

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Thursday, September 24, Would You Rather From time to time, in an effort to angst-up our funnybooks, authors will throw us a curve aimed right at the soap opera aspects we love. For example, way back in Fantastic Four 4 Stan Lee and Jack Kirby decided it would be a good idea to have Sue pine for Namor, effectively creating a love triangle that for all I know persists to the present.

Posted June 1st, at 9: You were down here for Phoenix Comicon and I missed you? Anyways, I hope our city was most welcoming! Posted June 1st, at Again, you make me very, very happy. Ah, i was wondering why a phoenix would look like a cardinal. Cardinals are one of the few things i liked about the time i spent in Tucson, unfotunately, i was unable to smuggle some out when i returned to California, Posted June 1st, at 1: However, for further reading, may I suggest this: Posted June 1st, at 4: WyrmPilot — For the most part, I agree that the classical dragon is not a bird, though it does display avian qualities.

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